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Role: Study the molecular mechanisms by which air pollution accelerates renal ageing. 

Research interest: Determinants of premature renal ageing and therapeutics for healthy ageing. 

Location: Amstelveen, the Netherlands. 

I am a friendly and communicative person and I am very passionate to understand why kidney ageing is accelerated in some people and how we can intervene. I obtained my master in biotechnology in Italy and then moved to Amsterdam to start my doctoral studies. I performed PhD research between the department of pathology at Academic medical Center (Amsterdam) and at Washington University school of Medicine (USA).  My research studies were centered around molecular biology, immunology and drug intervention studies with animal models of kidney diseases. Since 2 years I am a postdoc at Amsterdam UMC studying the metabolic reprogramming of the kidney during ageing and disease.

What I like about my work is the intellectual challenge and the opportunity to make a breakthrough that could help people with kidney diseases.

My motivation is to demonstrate why and how pollution is a threat for the kidneys and raise awareness on this global problem in the kidney scientific community.

Alessandro Tammaro: Team Members
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