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Leticia Urbano Cardoso de Castro

Role: Postdoc researcher

Role in the consortium: to study the environmental contribution to chronic kidney disease in two cohorts (ELSA-Brasil and Groningen)

Research Interest: How the environment affects the human health

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

I'm a friendly and calm person, very interested in the impacts of environmental hazards on health.

​I have a bachelor's degree in agronomy, and I obtained my master's in forest science and then a doctoral degree in science in medical school, working with air pollution. During that period, I spent seven months at Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health, also working with air pollution.   After my degree, I started developing my post-doctoral studies with green spaces and health mainly working with cardiovascular diseases, mental health, and newborn outcomes. My research studies were centered around air pollution, green spaces, constructed areas, and health. Now my research is becoming more related to environmental epidemiology. What I like about my work is the challenge to understand how health can be impacted by the environment. My motivation is to demonstrate how the air pollution and other environmental factors can affect the prevalence and incidence of chronic renal diseases. 

Camila Eleuterio Rodrigues: TeamMember
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