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Maria de Fatima Andrade

Role: Professor/ researcher

Research interest: Atmospheric aerosols and air quality 

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Prof. Maria de Fatima Andrade is a full professor at the Atmospheric Sciences Department in the University of São Paulo, she coordinates the “Laboratory for Analysis of Atmospheric Process (LAPAt)”. She has a PhD in Physics and has being working with atmospheric aerosols and air quality modeling for than 30 years. Her projects are related to the description of emission, transformation and removal process of atmospheric constituents. She has been involved in many projects related to air quality in urban areas of Brazil, mainly São Paulo Metropolitan Area. Her research has contributed on the evaluation of the emission factors from vehicular sources, ozone and secondary particles formation, and air quality modeling. Her research is interdisciplinary involving urban air pollution and health impacts, transport of pollutants and new technologies for aerosol measurements. The most recent project is related to the commuters’ exposure to fine particles in the transport system. She has advised more than 30 graduation students and published over 100 journal articles. She has coordinated projects involving the Environmental Agency for São Paulo State and municipality. Recently, December 2020, she was nominated to the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

Camila Eleuterio Rodrigues: TeamMember
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