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Pedro Henrique da Silva Chibane

Role: Identify and characterize the magnetic particles associate with PM2.5 in biological and air filters samples.

Research Interest: Applied Geophysics, Environmental Magnetism, Modeling and Inversion of Geophysical Data.

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

I am an observant person and I love learning about diverse subjects. I have a master degree in Geophysics from the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmosphere Sciences of the University of São Paulo (IAG-USP). After years of working with geophysical problem using electromagnetic methods, I decided to explore a different area in my PhD. Indeed I currently applytechniques from Rock Magnetism to study the magnetic nanoparticles that constitute PM2.5­. I study this  in air filter and biological samples from experiments conducted by the PM-Kidney Consortium. These particles, despite having a beautiful spherical shape seen under a microscope, are dangerous because they are associated with several diseases according to the literature.


What I like most about my job is the challenge of investigating problems in a similar way to a detective, just like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, iconic characters in detective literature.

My motivation is to be able to apply the knowledge acquired at university to problem affecting our society.