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Antonio Carlos Parra Ferreira_edited.png

Antônio Carlos Parra Ferreira dos Santos

Role: Biomedical embryologist/ PhD student

Research Interest: The role of air pollution on kidney disease

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

I am a biomedical embryologist from the University of Sao Paulo and I have just started my PhD program. I have been working with animal models of acute kidney injury, investigating the mechanisms involved in the progression from acute kidney injury to chronic kidney disease. I am interested in studying the influence of air pollution, specifically whether exposure to air pollution accelerates the progression to chronic kidney disease after acute kidney injury. Within the PMkidney project I am responsible for the animal experiments of ischemia reperfusion injury and for the biochemical and molecular analysis of the kidney together with my colleagues in the NL.

Camila Eleuterio Rodrigues: TeamMember
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