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Spotlight Interview: Our story of PMkidney Project highlighted in publication

We're excited to announce an extraordinary accomplishment resulting from an international partnership. Our joint endeavor, PMkidney, has been featured in the publication, "The Netherlands and Brazil: 10 showcases of collaboration in science, technology, and innovation."

We invite you to delve into our narrative on page 16. The article sheds light on our journey, the valuable insights we've garnered throughout the project, and the significant impact we're making in this vital sphere of science and technology. It's a testament to the profound potential of global cooperation and the amalgamation of diverse perspectives.

Although separated by thousands of miles, Brazil and the Netherlands are uniting forces in the realm of science, technology, and innovation. The booklet, brimming with wisdom and novel ideas, covers fascinating topics, ranging from aviation to bioplastic-producing bacteria.

Please read this informative booklet with us, absorb the compelling tales of collaboration, and join in celebrating the universal language of science.

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